Howdy FAQ

Howdy do I install Howdy?

To install Howdy into a new Slack workspace, visit the Slack App Directory and click the green "Install" button. After granting permission to add the bot to your workspace, @howdy will appear on your team and send you a message!

What are the available commands?

Howdy has only a few main commands:

In addition, there are few additional supporting commands:

How do I schedule a recurring meeting?

Howdy can run meetings on a daily or weekly basis. To create a new scheduled meeting, say `@howdy schedule`

If you know the name of the meeting you want to schedule, and the list of people you want included, you can say `@howdy schedule <meeting name> with <@user> or <#channel>`

To view or edit existing meetings, say `@howdy list schedule`

How do I create a custom meeting?

Howdy can be personalized to your team's needs with custom sets of questions. To create a new script for a meeting, say `@howdy train`

Howdy will ask you for a keyword, and then a list of questions to ask. You can also set the duration that Howdy will wait for the responses before delivering the report.

To view or edit existing meeting scripts, say `@howdy scripts`

How do I edit the questions in a meeting?

To view or edit existing meeting scripts, say `@howdy scripts`

Howdy will send a list of all available scripts. Click the "Edit" button to change the content or settings of the meeting.

From here, you'll be able to change the questions, modify the duration of the meeting, and also change where the meeting notes are delivered.

Can I use Howdy in a private Slack group?

In order to run a scheduled meeting with members of a private group, or to have Howdy deliver notes to a private group, the meeting must be started or scheduled from within the private group.

  1. Invite @howdy to the private group using `/invite @howdy`
  2. Start or schedule a meeting. To include members of the private group, use the `@channel` keyword by saying `@howdy run <meeting name> with @channel`

How do I uninstall Howdy?

To remove Howdy from your workspace, visit Howdy's page on the Slack App Directory and click "Remove App" from the bottom of the settings tab.

Need more help?

For further support, email us at or send a request for support by saying `@howdy support`