Open-source toolkit for creating bots

Botkit is the most popular open-source toolkit for creating bots for messaging platforms. It provides a semantic interface to sending and receiving messages so developers can focus on creating novel applications and experiences.

Botkit is completely free to use and available on Github.

Installing Botkit

Botkit is available via npm. Download the package locally using the following command:
npm install --save botkit

You can also clone Botkit and example code from Github using these commands:

git clone
cd botkit
npm install

For more on getting started, check out the readme file.

Getting started with Botkit

Plugins and submodules

Botkit Studio

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Join the community

You can get help from the thousands of developers building with Botkit. Are you having trouble? Found a bug? Please browse the GitHub Issues to see if your issue is already being addressed.

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Be sure to track the latest details on the Botkit changelog on Github.


Add support for Botkit Studio APIs. More Info

Substantially expanded the documentation regarding Botkit’s conversation thread system.

Add support for Microsoft Bot Framework. The Microsoft Bot Framework makes it easy to create a single bot that can run across a variety of messaging channels including Skype,, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Kik, SMS, and email. More Info

Updates to Facebook Messenger connector to support features like message echoes, read receipts, and quick replies.

Merged numerous pull requests from the community: PR #358 PR #361 PR #353 PR #363 PR #320 PR #319 PR #317 PR #299 PR #298 PR #293 PR #256 PR #403 PR #392

In order to learn about and better serve our user community, Botkit now sends anonymous usage stats to To learn about opting out of stats collection, read here.


  • Added support for Slack Interactive buttons.

  • Added example of Slack button application that provides a bot that uses interactive messages.

  • Added functionality in Slack bot: Botkit will track spawned Slack bots and route incoming webhooks to pre-existing RTM bots. Enables RTM bots to reply to interactive messages and slash commands.