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Howdy builds bots, chat integrations, voice skills and the tools that power them.

Conversational user interfaces are a new and vital part of digital content and services. Today it is common for people to interact with productivity enhancing bots at work, and voice assistants at home and on the go. Businesses need to understand the capabilities of these new platforms and how they can be put to work.

Since 2015, Howdy has been a leader in the field of building conversational software. We created the first commercially available bot add-on for Slack, which has performed nearly a million check-ins. Our developer tool, Botkit, has been used to successfully launch tens of thousands of useful bots. The design patterns and techniques we created have become industry standards.

We believe making bots should be fun, not too technical, and should make everyone involved feel cool.

Explore the world of bots

  • Botkit Developer Tool Use the same tools we do to build world class bot applications. Trusted by tens of thousands of developers.
  • @howdy for Slack Our namesake productivity app is a teachable bot that automates check-in meetings. The bot's behaviors can be customized by chatting with it in Slack! (Current users can login here)
  • Blog We regularly post tutorials, updates and news for the bot making community.
  • Video library We have an extensive library of video content featuring today's top bot developers, toolmakers and platform representatives - including a full 2 days of content from our conference Talkabot.
  • Developer Community Join more than 7000 developers in our community channel where you can find answers for all your questions, and meet other bot developers, including the core Howdy team.