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Howdy is a friendly, trainable bot that super powers teams by automating common tasks.

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  • Built In

    Asynchronous Communication

    Stand-ups made easy. Check-in with the whole team at once to review progress and remove roadblocks!

  • Built In

    Automated Meetings

    Receive scheduled reports from your team. Automate meetings using Howdy to save time and keep projects moving.

  • Trained

    Train Your Bot

    Send Howdy to ask custom questions. Howdy then collects and delivers your team's replies in a report to make decision-making easier.

  • Trained

    Lunch Orders

    Collect lunch orders quickly using Howdy. Flour or corn? Chicken or tofu? Howdy collects orders and delivers them in a report!

Howdy users submit your favorite trained behaviors to for a chance to be featured with the best!

"Howdy has helped me keep tabs on my team of 45, spread across 3 locations. With Howdy, we save hours per week and can get right to the most urgent needs of the group. I have learned something every time I’ve done a check-in."
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Mark Griswold

Case Western Reserve University

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We believe Slack is the operating system for a new class of helpful bots.

New to Bots?

Think of them as your digital coworkers. Do your job better, faster and more reliably by automating common tasks, starting with meetings. Learn more about building bots and how they work from these essays and podcasts!

This Way In

Howdy works along side you at work and participates in the day to day activities of your company as an active member of the team. Read Here

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